Based on our experience of over 25 years as a service provider, at Autobuses Urbanos de Elche (AUESA) we remain strong in our commitment towards the city of Elche and its residents. Following the grant of this new concession, we embark on this journey filled with hope and eager to start working to improve our services. Our firm commitment by all staff at Autobuses Urbanos de Elche is to work towards a BETTER CITY TO LIVE IN.

Due to the requirements of ongoing change and development that affects most cities and companies, AUESA has opted to confront this need for change by adapting out fleet and bus designs to the needs of our very varied group of local users.

This change will imply the creation of a new, more up-to-date image in view of the latest trends, and a differentiation from the other companies and users that we provide our services for.

Buses are the most typical form of local transport, but at AUESA, we invite our local Elche residents to appreciate the advantages of getting around the city in a fast, safe, comfortable and eco-friendly means of transport.

We all like to live in a clean, traffic and smoke free city, and for that purpose, it is essential that we have a good local transport service. Autobuses Urbanos de Elche S.L. is committed to developing their business in the most eco-friendly manner, and has joined different European initiatives, such as the Thermie programme's  TR/00048/95/ES/PO project developed to promote alternative energy sources and the development of new technologies for a more rationalised energy use. We have also been granted the UNE-EN-ISO 14001 environmental management and the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 quality certifications.

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