As of Tuesday, December 20, the schedules and route of line R4, Elche - AVE Station will change to provide coverage for the trains that provide service.

The line will start from Elche at Barxell Street, Alicante Avenue, Candalix, Luis Gonzaga Llorente, Maestro Albéniz, Diagonal del Palau, Comunidad Valenciana Avenue, Lepanto, Doctor Caro, Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, Libertad Avenue, Redován, West round, Crevillente Avenue, N-340, to the Matola AVE Station. Departures will be made from stop 242 on Barxell street and will stop at stops 145, 146, 147, 148, 149, 113, 2, 3, 177, 212, 163, 330 (AVE Station)

The route from the AVE Station is through the N-340, Ronda Oeste, Chile, Pedro Juan Perpiñán, Avenida Libertad, Puente del Ferrocarril, Mayor Vicente Quiles, Virgen de la Cabeza, Avenida Juan Carlos I, Avenida Alicante to Barxell. Departures will be made from stop 330 (AVE Station) and will stop at stops 309, 130, 305, 312, 306, 88, 31, 89, 90, 205, 102, 135, 136, 75, 137, 235 a 242.

You can download the information of the line in Linea Elche AVE